11:2 – Assembled 2018 (2)

Volume 11, Number 2 (2018)

Issue Editors:
Angie Cox, Trident University International;
Edgardo Donovan, Trident University International;
Miao Feng, NORC at the University of Chicago;
Felipe Nunes, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The second part of Assembled 2018 includes five studies demonstrating rigor over a vast variety of themes tethered to Virtual World use. Studying VR/AR technologies use & development, examining online storytelling forum threads in WoW, analyzing Africans’ representation in video games, investigating business and English classes’ use of Multiplayer-Online Games, and testing the use of a mixed reality environment with undergraduate special education students. This issue has been crafted to meet the expectations of researchers and practitioners.

Original Call: CfP: Assembled 2018

Issue Editor Corner

Angie Marie Cox, Edgardo Donovan, Miao Feng, Felipe Nunes

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Dreaming the Virtual: How Lucid Dream Practice Can Inform VR Development
Kevin Healey

Virtual Sense of Community in a World of Warcraft® Storytelling Open Forum Thread
Dean Anthony Fabi Gui

Representations of Africans in Popular Video Games in the U.S
Rebecca Y. Bayeck, Tutaleni I. Asino, Patricia A. Young

Gaming the Performance: Massively Multiplayer Online Games and Performance Outcomes in English and Business Courses
Papia Bawa, Sunnie Lee Watson, William Watson