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The JVWR, Volume 6, No. 2

Published: June 23, 2013

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Celeste Lovette Guichard, Savannah College of Art and Design

Laura Salciuviene, Lancaster University Management School, UK

Gary Hardee, University of Texas at Dallas, TX, USA

An important single thread runs through this issue: the exploration of artistic “process”. The importance of process in various instantiations to all of these articles renders this issue more specifically about “ars” in the Latin sense — ars being a skill or a craft that usually, but certainly not always, results in an artistic object. As Elbert Hubbard, the founder of the Arts and Crafts community of Roycroft, said, “Art is not a thing, it is a way” — it is the “way” of art in virtual worlds that we invite you to read about in the following pages.

Original Call: CfP: Arts

Managing Editor Corner

Achieving Arete: Being the Best You Can Be

Yesha Y. Sivan

Issue Editors’ Corner

Introduction: Arts in Virtual Worlds

Celeste Lovette Guichard

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Art Medium Too: Avatar, Art, and Assemblages

Christine Liao

Kromosomer – an Experience in Shared Creative Work and Expression

Heidi Dahlsveen, Catarina Carneiro de Sousa

Museum Discovery Institute: Girls Designing in Cyberspace

Suzanne Kolodziej, Margaret Corbit, Jennifer Wofford

Ten Possible States in the Age of 3D3C Art: The Contil Case

Yesha Y. Sivan, Ilana Salama-Ortar, Gary M. Hardee, Omer Kaspi

Virtual World Television Products and Practices: Comparing Television Production in Second Life to Traditional Television Production

CarrieLynn D. Reinhard, Pooky Amsterdam

Content Management for the Live Music Industry in Virtual Worlds: Challenges and Opportunities

Marco Lüthy, Jean-Julien Aucouturier

The Metaverse Assembled (2013)

The JVWR, Volume 6, No. 1

Published: April 29, 2013

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Leonel Morgado, INESC TEC (formerly INESC Porto), UTAD – University of Trás-os-Montes Alto Douro
Nelson Zagalo, University of Minho, Portugal

In this issue, you will find selected papers from Slactions 2012 as well as other papers from 2012.

Papers about: Language Learning Anxiety, Management Practice in virtual worlds (AKA vManagement), Weight Management for Young People, The Effect of Group Influence on Individual Choices (recap of the Asch’s 1951 experiment), Technical setup of OpenSimulator, and Virtual Archaeology.

Original Call: CFP: General Call for Papers

Managing Editor Corner

Welcome to the First Issue of 2013

Yesha Y. Sivan

Research Papers

Language Learning in Virtual Worlds: The Role of Foreign Language and Technical Anxiety

Scott John Grant, Hui Huang, Sarah E. Pasfield-Neofitou

vManagement: Initial Exploration of Management Practice

Susan Wurtz, Dale Cyphert, Leslie K. Duclos

Virtual Worlds as a Tool to Facilitate Weight Management for Young People

Michael James Taylor, Dave Taylor, Myutan Kulendran, Paul Gately, Ara Darzi

Do As We Do, Not As You Think: The Effect of Group Influence on Individual Choices in a Virtual Environment

Rebecca Rayburn-Reeves, Jennifer Wu, Sara Wilson, Beth Kraemer, and Philipp Kraemer

Architecting Scalable Academic Virtual World Grids: A Case Utilizing OpenSimulator

Charles J. Lesko, Yolanda A. Hollingsworth

Virtual Archaeology in Second Life and OpenSimulator

Luís Miguel Sequeira, Leonel Morgado

Managerial and Commercial Applications

The JVWR, Volume 5, No. 3

Published: December 29, 2012

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Shu Schiller, Wright State University, USA

Brian Mennecke, Iowa State University, USA

Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

This special issue on “managerial and commercial applications” of virtual worlds aims to highlight research that makes a significant and novel contribution in theory and practice about virtual worlds in the business domain. Through the business lens, virtual worlds are often perceived to be promising yet risky and exciting yet formidable for the use and management of individual and collaborative work.

Original Call: CfP: Managerial and Commercial Applications

Managing Editor Corner

From Orlando to Milan: Virtual Worlds Business Disillusionment

Yesha Y. Sivan

Research Papers

Time for a Post-Mortem?: Business Professionals’ Perspectives on the Disillusionment of Virtual Worlds

Patrick J. Bateman, Jacqueline C. Pike, Nicholas Berente, Sean Hansen

Training Evaluation in Virtual Worlds: Development of a Model

Richard N. Landers, Rachel C. Callan

Avatar Identification on a 3D Commercial Website: Gender Issues

Ingrid Poncin, Marion Garnier

Assembled (Rush to Press Papers)

Does Loving an Avatar Threaten Real Life Marriage?

Richard A Kolotkin, Maggie M Williams, Casey Lloyd, Earnest W Hallford

The Cowl Makes the Monk: How Avatar Appearance and Role Labels Affect Cognition in Virtual Worlds

Jorge Peña, Matthew S McGlone, Joseph Sanchez

“Think Pieces”

A Cross-Case Analysis of Possible Facial Emotion Extraction Methods that Could Be Used in Second Life – Pre Experimental Work

Shahnaz Kamberi

Asian Perspectives

The JVWR, Volume 5, No. 2

Published: September 28, 2012

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Kenneth Y T Lim, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Young Hoan Cho, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Michael Vallance, Future University, Hakodate, Japan

In this issue you will find perspectives from East Asia and Southeast Asia; the contrasts and comparisons are at once diverse and revealing – from David Herold’s perspectives on games and gamers from China, to the work of Li and his team with a similar community from Singapore, encompassing several other cultures, sub-cultures and scales of resolution at points in-between.

Original Call: CfP: Asian Perspectives

Managing Editor Corner

East vs. West? More like East and West

Yesha Y. Sivan

Issue Editors’ Corner

Virtual Worlds Asian Perspectives: a Landscape with Peaks and Valleys

Kenneth Y T Lim

Research Papers

Escaping the World: A Chinese Perspective on Virtual Worlds

David Kurt Herold 

The Demographic Distribution and Social Experience of Chinese MMO Players

Li Xiong 

The Abyss Observatory – Designing for Remote Collaboration, Self-directed Discovery and Intuition Development in Multi-user Interactive 3D Virtual Environments

Hajime Nishimura, Kenneth Y T Lim, Koji Koyamada

Assessment and Learning in the Virtual World: Tasks, Taxonomies and Teaching for Real

Michael Vallance, Stewart M. Martin

Effects of Digital Game Play Among Young Singaporean Gamers: A Two-Wave Longitudinal Study

Dongdong Li, Hyekyung Choo, Angeline Khoo, Albert K. Liau

Assembled (Rush to Press Papers)

Collaboration in Virtual Worlds: The Role of the Facilitator

Benjamin G Wigert, Gert-Jan de Vreede, Imed Boughzala, Ikram Bououd

Assembled 2012

The JVWR, Volume 5, No. 1

Published: May 18, 2012

The editorial team for this issue:

David Kurt Herold, Department of Applied Social Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Shailey Minocha, Department of Computing, The Open University,UK

Natalia Rybas, Department of Communication Studies, Indiana University East, USA

Virtual worlds research, it appears from the papers in this issue, is still in its infancy. As these five papers highlight that role of virtual worlds in student experience, identity in virtual worlds, and use of virtual worlds by people with disabilities are some of the areas that require further investigation, experimentation, analysis, and discussion.

Original call: CfP: SLACTIONS 2011 & Assembled (2012)

Managing Editor Corner

Welcome to the First Issue of 2012

Yesha Y. Sivan

Issue Editors’ Corner

An Assembled Issue

David Kurt Herold, Shailey Minocha, Natalia Rybas 

Research Papers

Who is Portrayed in Second Life: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? The Extent of Congruence Between Real Life and Virtual Identity

Bernadett Koles, Peter Nagy

Samarita Ibanez: An Identity Journey from First Life to Second

Samara Mamatovna Anarbaeva

Between Purpose and Method: A Review of Educational Research on 3D Virtual Worlds

Sahoon H. Kim, Jiyeon Lee Lee, Michael K. Thomas

Second Life and Academia – Reframing the Debate between Supporters and Critics

David Kurt Herold

How do People with Disability Use and Experience Virtual Worlds and ICT: A Literature Review

Karen Stendal

MPEG-V and Other Standards

The JVWR, Volume 4, No. 3

Published: December 2011

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Jean H.A. Gelissen, Philips Research, Netherlands

Marius Preda, Insitut TELECOM, France

Samuel Cruz-Lara, LORIA (UMR 7503) / University of Lorraine, France

Yesha Sivan, Metaverse Labs and the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel

This issue focuses on standards for virtual worlds, with special relation to MPEG-V, the ISO standard for connecting within virtual worlds as well as to real worlds.

Original Call: CfP: MPEG-V and Other Standards

Managing Editor Corner

Managing Editor’s Corner: Celebrating Four Years and Planning for the Next

Yesha Y. Sivan

Issue Editors’ Corner

Issue Editors’ Corner: The Current and Future Angles of Standards

Jean H.A. Gelissen, Marius Preda, Samuel Cruz-Lara, Yesha Y. Sivan

Research Papers

The Metaverse1 Case: Historical Review of Making One Virtual Worlds Standard (MPEG-V)

Jean H.A. Gelissen, Yesha Y. Sivan

Standards in Virtual Worlds Virtual Travel Use Case Metaverse1 Project

José Manuel Cabello, José María Franco, Antonio Collado, Jordi Janer, Samuel Cruz-Lara, David Oyarzun, Albert Armisen, Roland Geraerts

Teleportation of Objects between Virtual Worlds: Use Case: Exer-gaming

Marco Otte, Loren Roosendaal, Johan F. Hoorn

Assistive Technology Interoperability between Virtual and Real Worlds

Alice Krueger, Margaret Grace Stineman

Associating Automatic Natural Language Processing to Serious Games and Virtual Worlds

Treveur Bretaudière, Samuel Cruz-Lara, Lina María Rojas Barahona

Improving Reusability of Assets for Virtual Worlds while Preserving 3D Formats Features

Rozenn Bouville Berthelot, Thierry Duval, Jérôme Royan, Bruno Arnaldi

Virtual Hybrid Communications – A Telecom Infrastructure for the Metaverse

Vincent Verdot, Adel Saidi

Modeling the Metaverse: A Theoretical Model of Effective Team Collaboration in 3D Virtual Environments

Sarah van der Land, Alexander P. Schouten, Bart van den Hooff, Frans Feldberg

Government and Military

The JVWR, Volume 4, No. 2

Published: September 2011

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Paulette Robinson, National Defense University, USA

Michael Piller, National Defense University, USA

This issue includes articles from the 2010 Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds Conference organized by Paulette Robinson and her colleagues at the National Defense University.

More information about this conference can be found here.

Research Papers

Applied Virtual Environments: Applications of Virtual Environments to Government, Military and Business Organizations

Patrick D. Allen, Chris C. Demchak

Virtual Nation Branding: the Swedish Embassy in Second Life

Stina Bengtsson

MuniGov 2.0, A New Residency Requirement: Local Government Professionals in Second Life

Ines A Mergel, Michelle Gardner, Pamela Broviak, William Greeves

Virtual Reality and the Criminal Justice System: New Possibilities for Research, Training, and Rehabilitation

Bobbie Ticknor, Sherry Tillinghast

Research-in-brief papers

Avatars and Security Clearances: How can we reconcile the two?

Michael P Cummins

Two Navy Virtual World Collaboration Applications: Rapid Prototyping and Concept of Operations Experimentation

Douglas Maxwell, Steven Aguiar, Philip Monte, Diana Nolan

Creating a VW Killer App for the Department of Defense

Roger Smith

“Think Pieces”

Avatars as the First Manifestation of Geo-politically Unconstrained Global Citizens

Randy J. Hinrichs

Metaverse Assembled 2.0

The JVWR, Volume 4, No. 1

Published: August 6, 2011

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Kathy Keeling, University of Manchester, UK

Nadia Papamichail, University of Manchester, UK

Debbie Keeling, University of Manchester, UK

Enchi (Katherine) Chang, University of Manchester, UK

This issue includes articles from the SLACTIONS 2010 Conference organized by Kathy Keeling and her colleagues at the University of Manchester.

The issue also marks the Journal’s move to a new website, it is a minor visual change, but major infrastructure change that will take us forward over the next couple of years.

Dr.Yesha Y. Sivan

Managing Editor

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Research Papers

Students’ Attitudes in a Virtual Environment (SecondLife)

Amal Alrayes, Alistair Sutcliffe

Procedural Modeling for Realistic Virtual Worlds Development

Pedro Brandão Silva, António Coelho

Journalism in Virtual Worlds

Ricardo Cruz, Ricardo Fernandes

The P.R.O.S.E. (Psychological Research on Synthetic Environments) Project: Conducting In-World Psychological Research on 3D Virtual Worlds

Richard L Gilbert

Actual Self vs. Avatar Self: The Effect of Online Social Situation on Self-Expression

Yongjun Sung, Jang Ho Moon, mihyun Kang, Jhih-Syuan Lin

Puzzles as a Creative Form of Play in Metaverse

Cristiano Natal Tonéis

Research-in-brief papers

Self-Esteem in Second Life: An inWorld Group Intervention for Women with Disabilities

Margaret A. Nosek, Susan Robinson Whelen, Rosemary B. Hughes, Erin Porcher, Giselle Davidson, Thomas M. Nosek

The Researcher’s Toolbox II

The JVWR, Volume 3, No. 3

Published: May 8, 2011

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Jeremiah Spence, University of Texas at Austin, USA

This issue presents peer reviewed papers on research methodologies and case studies of how the particular methods are being developed and used in virtual worlds research both in the academy and industry.

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Synthesizing Presence: A Multidisciplinary Review of the Literature

Dennis Beck, Paul Fishwick, Rasha Kamhawi, Amy Jo Coffey, Julie Henderson

Collecting conversations: three approaches to obtaining user-to-user communications data from virtual environments

Mika Lehdonvirta, Vili Lehdonvirta, Akira Baba

Developing an Obesity Prevention Intervention in Virtual Worlds: The International Health Challenge in Second Life

Sameer Siddiqi, Scherezade K. Mama, Rebecca E. Lee

Research Papers

Design Principles for Doing Business on Second Life: an immersive ethnographic study

Reza Azeharie, Ravi Shankar Sharma

Virtual Assisted Self Interviewing (VASI): An Expansion of Survey Data Collection Methods to Virtual Worlds by Means of VDCI

Mark W. Bell, Edward Castronova, Gert G. Wagner

Third Places Take First Place in Second Life: Developing a Scale to Measure the ‘Stickiness’ of Virtual World Sites.

Wade Halvorson

Methodology of a Novel Virtual Phenomenology Interview Technique

Ronald M. Knorr, Stephen C. Bronack, Deborah M. Switzer, Lienne F. Medford 

Research-in-brief papers

Virtual Worlds Come Of Age

Stuart Barnes

Summative Assessment in Second Life: A Case Study

Remy Olasoji, Stephanie Henderson-Begg

“Think Pieces”

Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games: What’s the Risk?

Benjamin Sanders, Steven Furnell, Paul Dowland, Shirley Atkinson

Virtual Worlds for Kids

The JVWR, Volume 3, No. 2

Published: December 14, 2010

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Sun Sun Lim, National University of Singapore

Lynn Schofield Clark, University of Denver, USA

Virtual worlds have made notable inroads into the lives of children, affording online extensions of their offline lives. In this article, we propose a conceptual framework for understanding the space that virtual worlds occupy in children’s play and the ways in which children’s participation in them overlap with their everyday play experiences, both offline and mediated.

Issue Editors Corner

Virtual worlds as a site of convergence for children’s play

Sun Sun Lim, Lynn Schofield Clark

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Beyond Being There: A Grounded Investigation of the Value of Virtual Worlds for Remote Family Interaction

Lizzy Bleumers, An Jacobs

Virtual Epidemics as Learning Laboratories in Virtual Worlds

Yasmin B. Kafai, Nina H. Fefferman

Who’s Watching Your Kids? Safety and Surveillance in Virtual Worlds for Children

Eric M. Meyers, Lisa P. Nathan, Kristene Unsworth

Making Sense of the Virtual World for Young Children: Estonian Pre-School Teachers’ Experiences and Perceptions

Andra Siibak, Kristi Vinter

A Framework for Children’s Participatory Practices in Virtual Worlds

Terhi Tuukkanen, Ahmer Iqbal, Marja Kankaanranta

Research-in-brief papers

Penguin Life: A Case Study of One Tween’s Experiences inside Club Penguin

Diana Burley  

Virtual Junk Food Playgrounds in Europe: Advergames in the UK and Hungary

Arhlene A. Flowers, Katalin Lustyik, Emese Gulyás

“Think Pieces”

Growing Up with Neopets: A Personal Case-Study

Stephanie Louise Lu