EVE Online

The JVWR, Volume 10, No. 3

Published: 4 January, 2018

Issue editors:

Kelly Bergstrom, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, USA

Marcus Carter, The University of Sydney, Australia.

This special issue in the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research highlights the ways that EVE scholarship has matured. A sub-discipline within a sub-discipline, writing about EVE no longer focuses just on what makes this particular MMOG so different to the more mainstream online games and virtual worlds, but now describes in fascinating depth the elements of this virtual world that have taken 15 years of play to develop. As guest editors, we are excited to share this collection as these five articles exemplify the contributions that EVE Online scholarship will continue to make long into the future.

Original Call: CfP: EVE Online

Issue Editor Corner


Kelly Bergstrom, Marcus Carter

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Making Science Fiction Real: Neoliberalism, Real-Life and Esports in Eve Online

Mark Richard Johnson, Robert Mejia 

Scaling Technoliberalism for Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Aleena Chia

To Win at Life: Tradition and Chinese Modernities in EVE Online

Richard Page

Is Betrayal in EVE Online Unethical?

Ian Gregory Brooks

Barbarians at the Imperium Gates: Organizational Culture and Change in EVE Online

Nick Webber, Oskar Milik