For Reviewers

Already a reviewer?

Issue editors will contact you directly. The reviewing process is done directly within the publishing system. You can also suggest yourself to editors based on the various calls (see publications’ timetable on the menu at the right of our home page.) Email us to [email protected] and we will connect you to the relevant editor.

You are always welcome to update your profile by logging into the publishing system via on the top of the right (login). Make sure the section “Reviewing interests” is complete and reflects subjects of your expertise and interest as editors often choose the reviewers based on this information.

When you are invited to review a submission, please respond YES or NO as soon as possible to editor’s email whether you accept or decline the request (by simpley reply to the request email). If you cannot perform the review due to time conflicts or other preoccupations please respond as well. Failure to respond, either accept or decline the reviewing request may cause removal from our reviewers’ list.

The benefits of being a JVWR reviewer:

  • A step for becoming a future author
  • A critical step for becoming an issue editor
  • Enjoy our Double-Open review policy – it’s a good opportunity to meet colleagues and fellow authors. See details.
  • Help the Editorial Team select high quality academic papers for publication thus ensuring continuation of JVWR excellent reputation in the field.
  • Reviewer’s rating enables editors select the best, quick, accurate and knowledgeable reviewers. No one else sees this rating.
  • Get on our “Recognized Reviewers” list. See the list.
  • Receive the JVWR special appreciation certificate.  

Interested in Becoming a Reviewer?

Due to the increasing volume of submissions to the journal, the JVWR is looking for reviewers to help the editorial team select the best academic papers for publication. We are seeking scholars interested in serving together with our volunteer editorial team.

As a reviewer, you will be asked by the issue editors to review papers and provide constructive feedback about the merits of submissions in terms of quality and contribution to the field. The JVWR expects to receive reviews in a timely, collegial manner, with a high level of expertise, objectivity and insightful evaluation of the manuscripts. Note our Double-Open policy.

To learn more about the journal see About JVWR > Overview.

How to

To be considered as a reviewer you will need to become a JVWR reader:

  • First, please make sure you subscribe to the journal if you are not already a subscriber. See top left of the JVWR homepage.
  • Then register to open a reader account in our publishing system (TDL). Make sure you check the “Reader” checkbox. It is recommended that if you intend to submit a paper even if at a later stage, to also check the “Author” checkbox.
  • Login to our publishing system (top right menu of JVWR homepage).  The “HowTo” document is available here.
  • Complete your profile with as many details as you can, mention specifically the “Reviewing Interests” section to entice editors pick you up as a reviewer.
  • Email the Coordinating Editor (tzafnat.shpak AT jvwresearch DOT org) a cover letter including your professional resume, academic editing experience, as well as your interest in the Virtual Worlds domain.
  • Upon the Journal’s Editor in Chief’s decision, you will be notified of receiving reviewer’s rights. Editors will be able now to contact you directly, based on your interests and experience.
  • Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to: [email protected]