Lantern – part 2

The JVWR, Volume 7, No. 3

Published: July 27, 2014

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Yesha Sivan, Metaverse-Labs Ltd, Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College, Israel

Abhishek Kathuria, The University of Hong Kong

David Gefen, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Maged Kamel Boulos, University of Plymouth, Devon, UK

In this issue, we take a review lantern and shed some light on some of this field’s aspects. Clearly, we do not cover everything. We will often see shadows and not the full image. Ultimately, we hope to encourage further exploring of the field.

The third thematic issue of JVWR 7th year (2014) focuses on a literature review of 3D3C worlds according to specific topics such as Law, Taxation, Medical, Education, Money and more. The Lantern issue is published in two parts: Part 1 on Q1/2014 & Part 2 on Q3/2014.

Original Call: CfP: 3D3C Virtual Worlds – Topical Lantern Review

Issue Editors’ Corner

Taking a Broader View by Looking DeeperYesha Y. Sivan 

Yesha Y. Sivan 

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Virtual Worlds Enabling Distributed Collaboration

Marko Hakonen, Petra M. Bosch-Sijtsema 

Virtual Currencies, Micropayments and Monetary Policy: Where Are We Coming from and Where Does the Industry Stand?

Ruy Alberto Valdes-Benavides, Paula Lourdes Hernandez-Verme

Meta-theoretic Assumptions and Bibliometric Evidence Assessment on 3-D Virtual Worlds as Collaborative Learning Ecosystems

António Correia, Fernando Cassola, Diogo Azevedo, André Pinheiro, Leonel Morgado, Paulo Martins, Benjamim Fonseca, Hugo Paredes

Two Decades of Evolutionary Art Using Computational Ecosystems and Its Potential for Virtual Worlds

Rui Filipe Antunes, Frederic Fol Leymarie, William Latham

Fostering Team Creativity in Virtual Worlds

Pekka Alahuhta, Emma Nordbäck, Anu Sivunen, Teemu Surakka

Finding Healthcare Support in Online Communities: An Exploration of the Evolution and Efficacy of Virtual Support Groups

Donna Z. Davis, Willemien Calitz