Asian Perspectives

The JVWR, Volume 5, No. 2

Published: September 28, 2012

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Kenneth Y T Lim, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Young Hoan Cho, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Michael Vallance, Future University, Hakodate, Japan

In this issue you will find perspectives from East Asia and Southeast Asia; the contrasts and comparisons are at once diverse and revealing – from David Herold’s perspectives on games and gamers from China, to the work of Li and his team with a similar community from Singapore, encompassing several other cultures, sub-cultures and scales of resolution at points in-between.

Original Call: CfP: Asian Perspectives

Managing Editor Corner

East vs. West? More like East and West

Yesha Y. Sivan

Issue Editors’ Corner

Virtual Worlds Asian Perspectives: a Landscape with Peaks and Valleys

Kenneth Y T Lim

Research Papers

Escaping the World: A Chinese Perspective on Virtual Worlds

David Kurt Herold 

The Demographic Distribution and Social Experience of Chinese MMO Players

Li Xiong 

The Abyss Observatory – Designing for Remote Collaboration, Self-directed Discovery and Intuition Development in Multi-user Interactive 3D Virtual Environments

Hajime Nishimura, Kenneth Y T Lim, Koji Koyamada

Assessment and Learning in the Virtual World: Tasks, Taxonomies and Teaching for Real

Michael Vallance, Stewart M. Martin

Effects of Digital Game Play Among Young Singaporean Gamers: A Two-Wave Longitudinal Study

Dongdong Li, Hyekyung Choo, Angeline Khoo, Albert K. Liau

Assembled (Rush to Press Papers)

Collaboration in Virtual Worlds: The Role of the Facilitator

Benjamin G Wigert, Gert-Jan de Vreede, Imed Boughzala, Ikram Bououd