CfP: Editors for V2R Hardware Special Issue

Call for Editors: Virtual2Real Hardware (Glass, Rift, Leap and more)

The recent (Mar-2014) $2B value of Oculus Rift acquisition by Facebook has moved the importance of Virtual Reality hardware way forward to the market.


V2Rhardware cover
Virtual worlds are now being augmented with hardware such as:

Papers’ Topics May Include:

  • Description of current and new hardware
  • Research on new interfaces
  • New market analysis that stems from new hardware
  • User perception
  • Market impacts
  • And more…

We are looking for a prime editor and 1-2 co-editors for this V2RHardware issue. If you have an interest and background in the field as well as experience in academic editing, please let us know by sending your CV and a cover letter to [email protected].

Final decision about the editors will be made by end of April 2014 or earlier based on the information we get. Act soon.

For more details about editors’ role and requirements see JVWR site –> About JVWR –> For Issue Editors.
Publication is planned for Q1-2 of 2015.
With a potential conference on the Virtual2Real Hardware on Q4/ 2014.

Current authors, who have already submitted relevant papers, will be notified after editors have been appointed.
New authors are invited to think about the issue and wait for the official call.


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Further Information

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For any information regarding this call, please contact JVWR coordinating editor, Ms. Tzafnat Shpak:
tzafnat.shpak AT jvwresearch DOT org

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We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Tzafnat Shpak
Coordinating Editor
Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan
Editor In Chief
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