September 4, 2012: Augmented Reality ala 3D3C (Google+ Hangout remote meeting)

Google+ Glass got a lot of hype recently. Did you know that BMW has their own glasses too? Have you heard of the i-Cocoon? A device that allows you to be part of an intuitive and holistic experience where your interface is YOU.

Prof. +Yesha Sivan is the Managing editor of the Journal of Virtual Worlds research and Head of the Management Information System Program at the Tel Aviv Academic College. He is also the man behind the 3D3C theory that talks about the 3 critical components to the 3D reality: community, creativity and commerce.

Join Prof. Yesha and +Yifat Cohen and discover the latest devices and ideas in augmented reality today, and more importantly – let’s discuss how we can make money out of them.

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